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October 2007
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October 28 at the Urban Challenge
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Check out TerraMax and the Lone Wolf, side by side.  TerraMax is the largest vehicle in the Urban Challenge and the Lone Wolf is the smallest.

We had 2 runs today. 
On the first run, after a great start, we encountered an unusual
condition.  Upon restart, the Lone Wolf
took off at a good clip and drove around parked cars, cones and barrels.  In our next run, we were tested extensively
on interacting with live traffic at 4 way intersections.  The Lone Wolf appeared to perform flawlessly
for 25 minutes.  We will analyze our
video and data from the runs this evening in great detail and are looking
forward to that.

 For the next 3 days, we will have only 1 run a day, on each
of the three courses.  We start with
Course A tomorrow, which last time tested left hand turns across traffic. There
is no way to know whether the mission will be changed by DARPA until we get

 The Lotus engineers developed a new structure to help
protect the electronics on the top of the car. 
The structure should also help other robots see us better.  

We’re getting back to the hotel earlier tonight than usual,
so hope to get some much needed rest.  It
is a lot of fun at the Urban Challenge, but it is also intense and tiring.  We are trying to get out each day’s pictures,
but get a bit behind from time to time. 
Please check back for more photos.

Yesterday’s Photos 

From the Lone Wolf . . .  

(Check back later.  He’s having dinner right now . . .)

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First Qualification Run - October 27th
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Sorry for this late report on October 27th, but being at the National Qualification Event is exhausting.  We go from early morning until late at night.  When we are not running, we are watching other team runs or working on the car.  Every time we have a run, the car is covered with sand so we have to clean it off.  Our first run took place on the morning of the 27th.  It was a test of turning left into traffic.  There were about 12 human driven vehicles circling the testing areas moving in both directions.  The first turn was a test of pulling out and making a left turn into moving traffic from a stop sign.  The second test was left turn from a lane of moving traffic. Many teams were unable to make the first turn.  Some made a few turns.  One team made around 12 laps.  Lone Wolf was in the middle group with about 3.5 laps.  One lidar visor cover touched a cement barrier, but no damage resulted.  

We have 2 runs tomorrow on other courses.  Stay tuned . . .

Hey guys, it’s the Lone Wolf .
. . I have been running ragged these past couple days. I have had many
spectators, press, and other teams looking at how beautiful I look. I
was told many times I am the best looking car here. Yesterday DARPA
officials tested my E-Stop. Things went well, I think I impressed quite
a few people. Today, I ran Course A, it’s a lot different from Kinston.
Many people came over to watch me run. I will let you all know how I am
doing tomorrow. Goodnight.