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April 2024
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Opening Ceremony
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Today the Opening Ceremony began at 7am.  All the team leaders were introduced and brought on stage.  All 35 teams filled the bleachers to hear Dr. Tony Tether begin our events. Some teams had difficulty getting here so the first qualification runs were delayed until tomorrow.  Today is filled with vehicle inspections and testing the emergency stop systems in all the vehicles.

A lot of spectators, press, DARPA officials, and other teams came to look at the Lone Wolf with its new addition the Lotus Exige Biofuel model in our pit area.  Grayson was interviewed by a Swiss TV crew.  We put our Press kits in the media tent.

The skies are clearer today with only a smoky haze present, making it very warm under the California sun.

We had the Lone Wolf side by side with TerraMax today - the smallest Urban Challenge vehicle and the largest one.  The TerraMax tires were taller than the Lone Wolf.  The good news is that each vehicle could “see” the other one.

The Lone Wolf successfully completed its safety inspection and emergency stop test.  Qualification runs begin tomorrow, Saturday.

Pictures may be found by Clicking Here

4 Responses to “Opening Ceremony”

  1. zscfbhmk Says:
    I love your blog, thanks for posting it. Most teams don’t have a frequently updated news portion on their site, and it seems most news sites aren’t covering the qualifying runs. Are there pictures of the Lone Wolf next to Terramax?
  2. Anonymous Says:
    We took a picture of the Lone Wolf next to Terramax late yesterday and should have it up on our site no later than tomorrow morning. Thanks for your comments and good luck to you!
  3. Ed Beroset Says:
    I’ll be watching this blog closely since I couldn’t be there with you. Thanks very much for updating it frequently and the very best of luck to you tomorrow.
  4. anony-mouse Says:
    Looks like cornell wins for most $$$ thrown at their program

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