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July 2024
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Lone Wolf - That’s all for now
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don’t think I’ll be asked to do much if the people from DARPA are visiting, but I may offer to take them for a short ride just to be friendly and make them feel at home. Everybody seems to really like me though, so I’m confident they will too. Grayson told me I need to do a really good job when we make our runs at the new course in Kinston.

This blog is really fun! I hope I’m given some time to do this more often. I’ll at least check in to see how ya’all are doing though, and try to answer your questions too. By the way, I picked up that “ya’all” here in Raleigh… I’m told it’s Southern lingo for everybody. Pretty cool huh? Good Night Everybody! LoneWolf

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  1. Lone Wolf Says:
    Hey there again everybody! Grayson and I were talking today, and I think he told me we’re going to be out at the Sanford airport again this weekend. I was studying hard for my California Drivers License when he stopped by though, and both of us were very busy getting stuff ready for our video shoot. We didn’t get a chance to discuss what he want’s me to try to do this weekend, but I have an idea he wants it to be a surprise. I think he wants to see how good I’m going to be at making decisions when other vehicles are in the way of where he’s planning to send me. I’m not worried though; Steve and I have been staying up late the past few nights working on some obstacle avoidance tactics that I can use to navigate around things that might get in the way. He wants me to concentrate on my mission and not engage in idle chatter with other vehicles that I might encounter. I’ll see what I can learn from the rest of the team and try to let you know what I’ll be tending to this weekend. I need to get back to work now, and polish my hub caps tonight to stay looking sharp for my video rehearsals… in case I do well enough to print. :-)

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