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May 2024
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Finalist Announcement
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We are proud of the record of our team.  We are pleased we were in the 19 remaining teams as of last evening, but DARPA selected only 11 teams to proceed to the finals on Saturday.  There were some other really great teams that were also not selected.  The technology advances we made in preparing for the race are a huge leap forward in automotive control and sensor technology and we hope to deploy them to North Carolina’s benefit. 

Thank you to all our sponsors and friends for your support. We couldn’t have come as far without you.  It has been an honor to represent you in this historic event.

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  1. George Irwin Says:
    Great job, team! Congratulations on your accomplishments in making it to the semifinals, and making it all the way through them! Now, relax and enjoy the rest of the week.
  2. Wallace and Cathy Pitts Says:
    Our congratulations go out to the team and its sponsors. It was a great run, and I’m sure that the experiences will be treasured by all. Great job! Wallace and Cathy
  3. Gary O'Neil Says:
    It’s been such an awesome privilege; meeting the Insight Racing Team, and riding on the shoulders of history. The Lone Wolf isn’t just a sporty looking Lotus with a mind of his own anymore… He’s the best of the best… the product of an incredibly talented, motivated, and committed team. You all deserve to be more than proud… Never missing a beat, you met every goal, the competition was fierce, and you stood your ground…. right up to the finish line. You’ve made your school, your community, your state, your friends, and your families proud also. And oh yeah!!!… and I’m so darn proud of you all I can barely contain myself! Congratulations Team! Ya Gotter dun!
  4. Jack in Mooresville, NC Says:
    Congrats on making it as far as you did. It could not have been easy and must have been an awesome experience. Jerry, call me when you get back to NC.
  5. Aaron Kracht Says:
    I think your accomplishments are awesome and you guys should be proud of your work, but I feel like I must ask this question…what next?
  6. Saket Vora Says:
    My congratulations on competing so well in this tournament. Though I’m now at Stanford (BS.EE ‘07, NCSU)for graduate school, I was rooting for Insight all the way. I’m a little puzzled why DARPA decided to reduce the finalists from 20 to 11. What reason did they give for not letting team Insight advance? I think you guys deserve to compete in the finals.
  7. Joann Holicky Says:
    Congratulations on making it to the semifinals. You have a great team and a awsome group of students from NCS. You guys are wonderful and that I got to meet all of you. Keep me posted on things. You guys accomplished a lot from 2 years ago. I am very proud of all of you. Hope to see you again in another 2 years. Keep up the great work.
  8. Yvan Rivard Says:
    Congratulations to all team members for making it to the semi-finals. Take this as a great learning experience, nothing was really lost here; knowledge and teamwork spirit was gained.
  9. Scott & Karen Says:
    We are so proud of your accomplishments, “The Lone Wolf rocks”! We’ve been following your progress and were quite shocked at the turn of events. (Kind of like “Survivor” they voted out the strongest) When it’s all said and done, the advancements that the Team has made are monumental. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe trip home. {Get some rest}
  10. Chuck Ogawa Says:
    I read about you in Machine Design and started following your progress. Congratulations on your achievements. Even though you did not make the 11, I think you need to be proud of what you did.
  11. Eric Pearson Says:
    It was a pleasure to spend three delightful days in Victorville with the Team as they prepare for and performed the initial tests in preparation for the Finals. When I wasn’t buying food, shuttling to and from the airport, and getting lost on the way to dinner Friday night, I saw a solid team who kept busy analyzing and working on the vehicle & that all important “software” set for the race. No one seemed to shy from responsibility and often I saw individuals move out of the limelight to let another team member step in who might have a better or quicker answer. Problem solving is often the most important aspect of an event like this and I believe the Insight Racing Team did a great job in this area. Those who were unable to attend missed an exciting event where millions of dollars $$$$ were thrown at most of the Team efforts, not so by the Lone Wolf Team. Congrats guys, … now who wants a job paying real money?
  12. Joseph Heil Says:
    Awesome Job. Lone wolf got a front page article in technician. Guys in my English class were complaining you did not get to compete.
  13. Truth Sayer Says:
    Congratulations on your efforts, looks like you had a really competitive entry. Too bad you (and others) got screwed by the Gub’mint. Seems like Darpa really did a bonehead job at the event. Pretty classy that you folks didn’t have a revolt at the event when cutting field to 11 from expected 20. I’d blown a gasket.

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