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July 2024
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Hello from Lone Wolf
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Hi Everybody; My family says that since I’m the newest member of the Wolfpack family here at NC State, I should check in with all my friends, and fans on our blog. This is pretty new to me (since I’m a car), but they said it’s a really cool way to keep in touch with you all. They said I’m working out fine here, but also noticed that I might be missing all my family and pals back in Ann Arbor, and that this may be a good place to say hello to them… So hey there guys! I really do miss you all, but my new family down here are giving me the royal treatment here also, just like you said they would. I may be the newest family member of the Wolf pack now, but don’t fret none… I’ll never forget my roots, and I’ll always be a Lotus too.

I’m really getting excited about this Urban Challenge, and I’m going to do my best to make you guys and my family here proud. Wow! I’ve only been in Raleigh just a few short weeks, but I’m really keeping busy learning lots of neat stuff that I have to know before I’m going to be allowed to race in November. Steve, Walt, Mary Ellen, Mike, Amit, and Grayson have really been spending a lot of time with me, and I’m learning lots of neat stuff really fast. They have been taking me to a really neat little airport in Sanford, NC and letting me frolic on the tarmac. Steve’s been teaching me how to drive really fast, make turns, and pass other cars and everything; it’s really lots of fun. Steve and I have become really close, and he has been a real boon to my self confidence. He demands a lot from me though, but knows just how far and fast he can let me go. He’s really smart too! He taught me how to read a map in no time, and before I knew it, I was reading them like I had been programmed to do it all along.

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