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June 2024
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Status from Lone Wolf
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Amit has been working on keeping me focused on where I’m going so I don’t miss any turns and stuff like that. He said he likes going out to the airport with me because the markings on the tarmac are similar to the highway markings I will be seeing during the BIG race. He also likes it, because it’s low on distractions, and easier to keep me focused on my mission and not be tempted to wander around aimlessly. I know he’s right! I’m curious about everything, and really like checking out everything that comes along. Amit and I have really hit it off pretty well, and I’m learning to do everything just right. If I follow his instructions precisely, perhaps he’ll let me take a stroll over to that sporty little cutie at the other end of the tarmac that we caught winking her flashers at me last weekend. I can’t think about such things right now though. He want’s me to concentrate and; “Stay focused… keep your eyes on the road!”

Mike likes to ride along with me, so I let him sit in the drivers seat and pretend he’s doing the driving. You all should have seen the look on his face the first time I turned a corner at 15 miles per hour. I wouldn’t do anything unsafe, and I know Steve would be pretty disappointed with me if I did, but I was having a pretty good day, and wanted to have a little fun with Mike. I saw everybody smile after I did it, so I know they knew I was just having a good time. We always seem to have a good time together, and l really am enjoying our trips to the airport. The weather was really awesome this weekend too, and we had some really good runs both days.

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