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July 2024
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More from Lone Wolf
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I’m really getting excited about the race. It’s only 8 months away, and I’ve still got lots of stuff to learn and get good at, but everybody’s really working hard to make sure I have everything I need. They’re making me feel really special, and I’m going to work real hard at making them all proud. I just learned that some important people from DARPA are anxious to learn more about me, and are looking for a video to see how much I’ve been learning.

Grayson told me that I need to start getting familiar with a map of an area near Kinston, NC. He’s planning on giving the folks from DARPA directions on how to get to a course there, as well as a copy of the map I will be using to demonstrate all the neat things I can do now. If the people at DARPA like the course, and I can convince them that I’m ready to take it on, then we will have about a month to set the course up and get me running around on it, sharpening my skills, and learning how to behave in traffic and obey California traffic laws. I hope the North Carolina police are OK with California traffic laws. I sure wouldn’t want to be setting in traffic court instead of refining my skills for November’s Urban Challenge.

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  1. sue Says:
    Lone Wolf - we believe in you 100%. Good luck. Sue
  2. Lone Wolf Says:
    Thanks for the good luck wishes Sue… Wow! I got so carried away, I almost didn’t see your post. I need to stay very alert, so I will try hard to do better. Say… You wouldn’t be that sporty little number I caught winking at me from the far end of the Tarmac at the Airport a couple weekends ago would you? :-) I’m really getting excited and a bit nervous too. I started rehearsing the video we need to complete next month. I’ve been working hard though, and I think I’m just about ready to go with it now. If all goes the way I want, I’ll finish it this weekend, so I can get back to some of the bigger challenges ahead. Thanks again for the encouragement. I will work hard so I can make you and my Wolfpack and Lotus families proud.
  3. adam Says:
    he i am doin a project in school and i am researching you. we are acting like we are on your team and we hope you win!
  4. mark joe Says:
    i would like more pictures as well thank you very much.
  5. Anonymous Says:
    thanks for picking our team. we will put updated pictures and video on the web site in the next day or so www.insightracing.org. Just follow the picture link. We had a great run today and will have the video available. We have been practicing on our site visit course. Our site visit will take place in late June. We were featured in 2 papers recently, both front page: http://www.newsobserver.com/102/story/574616.html and http://www.kinston.com/news/vehicle_38526___article.html/randall_vehicles.html Hope you enjoy the articles!

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